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daemit Live Mix @ Electroamore

daemit war euer und unser Gast bei Electroamore am 19.1.2023. Das wirklich, also echt, ne, total abgefahrene zweieinhalb Stunden Set könnt ihr hier auf Soundcloud anhören und nachtanzen.

“It escalated again at Electroamore”

daemit, DJ, @ Senatore, Munich City

daemit about that night:

3 months of break playing electronic dance music in clubs.

3 months for me to refresh, work on my skills and look for new groundbreaking sounds.

3 hours of beautifully shaking bodies, closed eyes and pure madness.

Thank you, DJ FM & DJ FREUND for hosting me at your monthly “Electroamore” show at Senatore, Munich City.

And thank you to all of you for shouting, smiling and dancing all along.

It was a special evening for me, so I hope you´ll enjoy this unique set.

Hier auf Soundcloud anhören.